"The Natural Principles"

Water, sun, wind. Three essential conditions for life, three protagonists who meet in Gragnano. It is here that they have always come together: in an area disheveled by the mistral rising from the sea and winding through the alleys of the city, protected behind by the Lattari mountains, while the sun leans over the peaks to warm the inhabitants.
These are the magic ingredients for Gragnano PGI pasta. Without them, she would never have been born here. Here is why:

"Valle dei Mulini and Monti Lattari"

Water is the fundamental element for the development of civilization. On the banks of rivers, man has laid the foundations of his existence. And the same is true for the city of Gragnano and its Valle dei Mulini bathed by the Vernotico stream, fed by the springs of Mount Faito. It is an enchanted landscape. And in this magical atmosphere, the aquifer also has special properties such as the purity and poverty of limestone and chlorine.

These are qualities that distinguish it from the others and that in the production process make Gragnano’s IGP pasta unique.

The wind is not only a religious symbol, but has also conditioned the development of the city of macaroni. Moreover, Gragnano is a terrace overlooking the Gulf of Sorrento, where the gentle sea breeze meets the delicate puffs that blow from the Lattari Mountains to generate a slightly humid microclimate.

"Valle dei Mulini and Monti Lattari"

The genius of our ancestors has exploited this favorable condition with geometry. In fact in the nineteenth century urban planning was designed precisely on the basis of a precise criterion: roads, buildings and squares arranged in a diagonal order to accompany the winds towards avenues and balconies where the pasta was left to dry.

A natural process, simple, but also extremely effective. To the rest, then, they thought of the talented hands of local workers.

The sun is the last protagonist of this long story. Although it is not the least important. It is a source of life, of economy and mitigates the currents. In the past it was the natural oven because its rays heated the “basoli” of Via Roma and went up to dry the pasta lying on the wooden trestles.

Today the drying process has changed, but those conditions that make our territory unique are always the same.

"The Amalfi Coast"

Oggi chi visita la splendida Costiera Amalfitana può raggiungere facilmente Gragnano e il nostro pastificio.
Today, those who visit the splendid Amalfi coast can easily reach Gragnano and our pasta factory. It is the ideal solution to combine art, architecture, history and beautiful landscapes with the smells and flavors of the great pasta tradition. That’s why we couldn’t choose a different name for our company

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