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Different but complementary. Lived and parallel paths that suddenly intertwine at the dawn of a difficult challenge, but also extremely exciting.

Behind this project there is only us and our stories: which are Chiara, Tullia, Anna, Antonella e Daniela. Five women, some friends forever, others only from a short while, but united by a common bond: love for our roots

We are all connected to Gragnano: someone lives here, someone else was born herebut then moved elsewhere, others just work here

“Everything about Gragnano does not exclude the IGP pasta, just like our start up”

Love, affections, childhood: for us this city represents the place of the heart, the one where we really feel at home It’s called Gragnano but it is pronounced city of macaroni.

It’s our white gold. Everything about this sweet town does not exclude the IGP pasta, just like our all female start up

This is why we created the pastificio Ducato d’Amalfi, animated from one great philosophy: each one of us is essential for the project.

Tullia is a psychologist and deals with human resources, Anna is an accountant and we have entrusted her with accounting. Antonella has a long experience in the import-export sector and therefore takes care of relationships with suppliers and customers.

Daniela worked in the restaurant business and is responsible for our tasting room. And finally there is Chiara, a university councilor and student.

She was the one who brought us together and proposed this challenge: create a pasta factory that is different from the others, that combines the new with the old, that recalled the old traditions, but who also knew how to take advantage of the opportunities offered by technology to give visitors a unique sensory journey between the museum, the tasting room and the open kitchen.

“We are five women and we express as many professions, but diversity is our strength.”

Easier said than done. But we didn’t think twice: we threw ourselves into the fire to realize our dream.

We already said this before: we are five women and we express as many professions, but diversity is our strength. Yes, none of us knows how to do pasta. However this is not a problem, because we have our trump card: Don Vincenzo Massa.

He is not just a pasta maker. Don Vincenzo he is a artisan with the powers of a magician. He started working with pasta since he was 14 years old. He is the historical memory of Gragnano, and also the guardian of an ancient art handed down from father to son up to the present day.

And finally he is also a skilled mechanic:his magic touch is enough to fix that kneading machine that makes whims or that machinery that sobs.

He could enjoy his well-deserved retirement after a life spent in the industry. But when we asked him to accompany us on this journey he had no doubts: he immediately said yes.

“Our slogan? Pasta is female. Just like us.”

And he added: ”In you I see the desire to do and the new that is advancing. For me it is an honor to pass the baton to the girls. and then pasta is like a woman: the more you caress it, the more it loves you”.

His fine words led us to go all the way. And not only that. They also suggested our slogan: pasta is woman. Just like us.

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